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 This time out here...has really changed me....

Being seperated from things you want and things you need...It was hard the first week...for all of us....I wanted my wendy's so bad I could taste it....lol....It really does put in perspective of the things in life that are important...How much time was wasted worrying....spending....buying things that meant nothing to me....wanting things that meant nothing to me...needing things that meant nothing to me..

Its my second week here..and Im sure there are new songs and new artists on the radio..Im sure some new movie has been previewed amillion times...and some cool youtube video has been circulating or some crazy insane political event took place.....Im sure some celebrity is dating someone else by now...I would have no idea.....I have no idea of anything anymore that is going on back in the states accept for the fact that the sunset here at 5:30 is the most beautiful thing Ive ever seen.  I know that all the people on this ship that cant speak any word of english..are about the most nicest people I will ever meet in my entire life.  I know that at 4pm everyday Jellyfish line up around the ship to create the craziest biggest jellyfish spectacular Ive ever seen.  

Its wierd how quickly things you took time out of your day to care about dont matter anymore....I wake up and I work..and I feel good about everything..I feel less stress not knowing any of this bullshit news...any gossip...i like the fact that I cant leave this ship at all....it makes you grounded..it makes you creative.....dont get me wrong when we get to singapore..Im leaving...but..for now...

its just me against the world


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Oct. 7th, 2010 04:46 pm (UTC)
i'm glad you have the opportunity for this, jessie. this is the kind of stuff that turns your life around and right side up. can't wait until you get back, i'm sure you have lots of stories to tell me.
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